Contests & Giveaways


 Drs Ruby & Rochon are always holding special raffles, giveaways, and holiday themed boards for patients to enjoy.
Check back frequently to see what current activities we have in the office!





     J A P A N    G E R M A N Y   I T A L Y   R U S S I A   I S R A E L    H A W A I I     A U S R T R A L I A       W A S H I N G T O N     I R E L A N D     F R A N C E     T H A I L A N D 


  We Gave Patients Vacation Shirts And Gave Them A Challenge.

Challenge: Take your most creative picture wearing your Ruby & Rochon T-Shirt.

Prize: Apple IPAD

WINNER: Mason Kettman

Congratulations Mason!