Contests & Giveaways


 Drs Ruby & Rochon are always holding special raffles, giveaways, and holiday themed boards for patients to enjoy.
Check back frequently to see what current activities we have in the office!


SUMMER IS (almost) HERE!

Enter to win your very own Summer Starter Pack!

When? -Our 2017 Summer Starter Pack winner will be randomly chosen on Thursday June 15th! June 15th also happens to be our Island Theme Day!

Where? -To enter, come on down to our Santa Barbara office and fill out a quick form.

What’s Included? -The winner of our Summer Starter Pack Raffle will receive a summer tote filled with various summer essentials (ex: camelback, towel, etc.)

*The raffle will consist of three totes that range for ages 2-18 years old.